Our Plantations

We recognise our responsibility to protect natural resources and optimize the productive potential of our plantations. We do this through ensuring adequate protection of natural forest, effective resources management and promotion of sustainable agricultural practices. We recognise that safeguarding our plantations and the surrounding environment is fundamental pillar to the success our business.

Key priorities and how we plan to address them

  • Continue implementation of RSPO roadmap working towards RSPO certification for all palm oil plantations
  • Continue our commitment to zero deforestation and plantation rehabilitation in line with RSPO requirements, IFC Performance Standards and our Environmental and Social Policy Continue training our workers in sustainable agricultural methods
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Our Communities

We aim to be a catalyst for and participant in broad based community development. We take our responsibility to contribute to the growth and development of the DRC by being a primary service provider on our plantations and to our surrounding communities very seriously. We therefore see this pillar as essential to addressing long term developmental challenges in rural DRC including food security, diversification of the economy, and education, healthcare and livelihood restoration.

Key priorities and how we plan to address them

  • Create an environment which will allow internal and external stakeholders to engage openly in discussion about development priorities and needs, as well as the role and impact of the Company
  • Support our community liaison officers to manage stakeholder concerns and grievances proactively, with a view to achieving resolution in a timely manner.
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We recognise the challenge ahead and understand that in order to promote sustainable development; we will need to work with a wide range of partners – from government, civil society, international development agencies and local communities. We need to work hand in hand with our local community, our people and our peers.

We have already established successful partnerships with local and international organisations that are helping us carry out vital activities that promote the rehabilitation of these plantations and support the health education and welfare of surrounding communities. We are open to developing new collaborations and are seeking partners to help support our health, education and livelihood goals. If you would like to help us please read our NGO Engagement Policy and if your ideas are aligned with our development ambitions and partnership engagement model, please get in touch.


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