Committed To Sustainability

Environmental & Social Policy

Feronia (the “Company”) is committed to meeting the needs of its customers, consumers, suppliers, employees and communities in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner and through the continuous improvement of the environmental and social performance in all its activities.

Feronia is aware that while we can achieve much within our own business, we believe that sustainable development is best pursued through partnership. We therefore work towards the improvement of knowledge, dissemination of best practice and a common programme of action where appropriate.

Feronia is committed to the prevention of pollution.

Feronia aims are to:

  • Ensure the safety of its products and operations in order to operate in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.
  • Develop processes and practices, which reduce environmental and social risks and impacts to an acceptable level.
  • Work in partnership with local groups and communities to understand social and environmental impact and imperatives.

To achieve this Feronia will:

  • Assess the environmental and social impacts of all its business activities using robust and internationally recognised standards.
  • Adhere to the criteria set by country legislation and good international industry practice, as reflected in various internationally recognised sources, including the World Bank Group Environmental, Health and Safety Guidelines and the Round Table for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).
  • Develop and apply systems of environmental and social management as part of day to day operational practice and implement on going management control and reporting procedures.
  • Require its customers, partners and suppliers within the supply chain to adopt the same level of environmental and social practice.
  • Work with industry bodies, government agencies and other relevant organisations to promote environmental and social care, increase knowledge and disseminate best practice.
  • Remain alert and responsive to developing issues, information and public concerns.

Feronia will communicate proactively to:

  • Ensure employees, contractors and suppliers are aware of the Company’s environmental and social policy and are motivated and empowered to apply it through the necessary education, training and support.
  • Provide the information and advice necessary for the safe production, use and disposal of its products.
  • Monitor and review the performance of the Company environmental and social policy and management plans by establishing an environmental and social executive committee at the highest level of the Company.